Renders: Render Finishes

On this page is a list of the render finishes available from PW THermal Building Solutons Ltd.

Should you have any questions regarding render finishes or other services detailed in our web site do not hesitate to contact us.

Silicone-Silicate Render 1.5mm

  • Heavy duty, elastomeric structural decorative finishes
  • Suitable for most types of masonry and cement based bases
  • Most durable, weatherproof wall coatings in use today
  • Available in fine sand and coarse aggregate mixes
  • Choose from a wide variety of colours and textures

Brick Slips

  • True brick appearance - fired from natural clay
  • Lightweight, fast build finish
  • Can be applied to almost any substrate
  • Available in a range of colours and textures

Dry Dash

  • Special pre-mixed blend of aggregates, lightweight fillers, resin cement modifiers, co-polymers, fibres and cement
  • Tremendous adhesive qualities
  • High tensile and compressive strength
  • Ideal for one coat and dash applications